12 Gauge

Weight- 6.7 g (100 grain)

bc = 0.017

Length = 27mm

box 400 pcs

Fully plastic bullet of the 12th gauge is not anything entirely new. Rather - it is not clear what to do with it? But our Safe bullet provides unique answers to old questions: 
- High accuracy up to 20-25 m
- Excellent stopping power at short distances due to the high 
muzzle velocityof up to 600m / s 
- Ultra low ballistic coefficient 
(0.017) ensures rapid loss of speed, so the bullet, formerly lethal at a distance of 5-10m, may cause only slight damage at a distance of 50m which is great in case of random bypassers or neighbors 
- Safety for use in indoor shooting facilities - gives one the opportunity to train all year round 
- Low cost of bullets to minimize the cost of each shot

Admit it, isn't it perfect for your shotgun "for every day" use?